PM2.5 detector blower

130mm diameter 12kPa pressure 120m3/h airflow PM2.5 detector blower. Suitable for vacuum machine/fuel cell/medical equipment PM2.5 detector and inflatables.

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This blower can run at CCW direction only.Reverse the impeller running direction can not change the air direction. Filter onto the inlet to protect the blower from dust and water. Keep the environmental temperature as low as possible to make the blower life time longer.Certification: ce, RoHS Warranty: 1 Year After-sales Service Provided: Online support Life time(MTTF): >20,000hours (under 25 degree C) Weight: 886 grams Housing material:PC Product name:PM2.5 detector blower Motor type:Three Phase DC Brushless Motor Controller: external Static pressure: 11kPaBrand name: Wonsmart High pressure with dc brushless motor Blower type: Centrifugal fan Voltage: 220 VAC Bearing: NMB ball bearing Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant Electric Current Type: AC Blade Material: plastic Mounting: Ceiling Fan Place of Origin:Zhejiang, ChinaWS130120S-220-240-X300 blower can reach maximum 95m3/h airflow at 0 kpa pressure and maximum 11kpa static pressure.It has maximum output air power when this blower run at 8.5kPa resistance if we set 100% PWM, It has maximum efficiency when this blower run at 8.5kPa resistance if we set 100% PWM.Other load point performance refer to below P-Q curve:(1)WS130120S-220-240-X300 blower is with brushless motors and NMB ball bearings inside which indicates very long life time; MTTF of this blower can reach more than 15,000hours at 20degree C environmental temperature (2)This blower needs no maintence (3)This blower drived by a brushless motor controller have many different control functions such as speed regulation,speed pulse output,fast acceleration, brake can be controlled by intelligent machine and equipment easily (4)Drived by brushless motor driver the blower will have over current, under/over voltage,stall protections.This blower can be widely used onto vacuum machine,dust collector,floor treatment machine.Q: Can we use this centrifugal air blower to suct water? A:This blower fan can not be used to suck water. If you need to suck water, you can ask us to choose proper item for this special working condition. Q: Can we use this centrifugal air blower to suck dust directly? A: This blower fan can not be used to suck dust directly.If you need to suck dust, you can ask us to choose proper item for this special working condition. Q: What can do if the working condition is dirty? A: A filter is strongly recommended to assemble onto the the inlet of the blower fanBrushless DC motor AC servo system is developing rapidly because of its small inertia, large output torque, simple control and good dynamic response. It has broad application prospects. In the field of high performance and high precision servo drive, it will gradually replace the traditional DC servo system. However, the torque ripple still exists in BLDC, which can not achieve more position control and higher performance speed control. Phase current commutation is one of the main reasons for torque ripple. In AC servo system with non-commutating phase current feedback, low-speed commutating torque ripple can be controlled, but it can not be controlled in high-speed situation, non-commutating phase current is uncontrollable. Therefore, it is necessary to find an optimized commutation scheme to achieve better commutation torque performance. The effective switching state of the inverter in the commutation process should be selected according to the rules. Rule 1: Follow the current rotor position, that is, turn off the corresponding switch should disappear, and the corresponding switch should be established. Rule 2: under Rule 1, single and bipolar controls can be used. Rule 3: allow the corresponding switch delay to be switched off. The merits and faults of switch control strategy under commutation state are evaluated by the following two indexes: 1.torque pulsation caused by commutation is as small as possible (non commutation current pulsation as small as possible). 2. shorten the commutation time as far as possible.

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